Why join a chamber of commerce

Starting a new business comes with a lot of decisions and planning. Some of these are easy and obvious such as finding a location, customizing your offerings and fees and getting permits and licenses. Some others may not be entirely essential and require a bit more thought and consideration. One thing to think about as a business owner is whether or not to join the local Chamber of Commerce that supports businesses in the city or neighborhood where your business is located. There are many important reasons to consider doing so to benefit your business, Printmoz banners can help get visibility to your business in conjunction with the chamber.

Networking Opportunities

Meeting with other business owners and members of the community is a great way to coordinate your business with others in town. Oftentimes the chamber of commerce will have mixers, dinners and other events where you can get together with other business people from your area to learn more about one another. This is a great way to see how other businesses can help yours and vice versa.


If you are just starting out your venture in business ownership, a mentorship could be a great way to learn all the important things you need to know as well as getting tips and tricks for boosting your business. Many Chambers of Commerce have numerous businesses in the same category that would be glad to help you out as well as other folks who have experience in other areas such as law or accounting that could be of help to you.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Just being a part of the local chamber of commerce helps to get your business name out there. Many chambers will offer free listings of member businesses and may occasionally publicly recognize these businesses. For example, some areas may have a social media page where they occasionally call out member businesses to attract customers to the area. In addition, other members of the chamber may be glad to tell friends, family and possibly event customers and clients about a business they may find useful or appealing.

Educational Opportunities

Many Chambers of Commerce offer educational opportunities from time to time, so you could show people how effective banners are. These activities may include classes on leadership, informative sessions on labor laws and regulations, help with advertising and marketing ideas and other business-oriented tutorials. The purpose of these is to share business skills and resources while helping to ensure the success of local businesses.

Specialized Groups

Certain businesses may find that they are of a different group or subset than others and may have the opportunity to join a specialty group within the chamber. For example, there may be a specialized group for businesses owned by women, minorities or small businesses. The advantages of these special groups within the chamber are that you can find advice, tips and helpful information from business owners more like yourself which may help you better manage your operations.


Many local Chambers of Commerce find themselves getting involved in lawmaking at both the local and state level. Having business owners group together helps to see what types of laws and regulations need to be made or adjusted with businesses in mind. These business owners often work closely with lobbyists and lawmakers to ensure that businesses are protected and considered when new legislation is brought up and passed.

Costs of Joining a Chamber of Commerce

Depending on the location of your business, you may be eligible to join more than one Chamber of Commerce. For example, businesses in the suburbs may join the specific neighborhood chamber as well as that of the metropolitan city. Dues are usually assessed on an annual basis for each business and could cost anywhere from $50 to $500 for a basic membership.